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MCH Corporation has won an Excellence in Technology Transfer Award for its role in the development and commercialization of a technology developed while working on a project for DOE and the Y12 National Security Complex.

RAMSAFE, a technology developed by MCH Corporation as a contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Y-12 National Security Complex, stores and organizes massive amounts of critical data about a location or special event before an incident happens. During crises, RAMSAFE users are armed with total on-scene situational awareness. The software provides detailed forecasts of casualties, necessary command-level responses, specific time-phased resource requirements, and online access to personnel and resource shortfall information.

At the request of BWXT-Y12, MCH Corporation submitted a request to the Department of Energy Counsel’s office for permission to assert copyright over technology it had developed. After receiving this permission, MCH Corporation entered into a royalty sharing agreement with BWXT-Y12 and as a result a new company was formed to market products based on the technology it had originally developed.

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