Our Services

Our Services

MCH Corporation provides services to federal agencies, state agencies, local governments, small business, and Fortune 1000 companies. MCH offers a diverse set of state-of-the-art capabilities and provides them to its customers in a manner that ensures the continuity of their operations. This enables our customers to stay focused on their own core businesses. Learn more about MCH.

Federal Sector

MCH Corporation has experience performing both as a prime contractor and sub contractor on federal contracts. We also manage subcontractors and conduct purchasing or items with federal funds. MCH is experienced at complying with requirements and flowdown clauses in federal contracts. We have a federally approved Drug Free Workplace Program, and we run background checks and drug tests on our employees.

Our company is experienced at performing work under the Service Contract Act(SCA) with positions that are subject to Wage Determination and we are experienced at doing business in multiple states and in Native American Nations. Learn more about MCH.

Enterprise Sector

MCH Corporation develops solutions to provide maximum availability and reliability for its business customers while ensuring that solutions developed provide high levels of performance and leverage affordable, readily available, technologies & platforms.

We are experienced at implementing solutions that use redundant data storage, clustered server platforms, replication, system availability monitoring, redundant power, stacked network switching, and authoritative DNS to ensure that your systems are available to keep your enterprise operating.

Contact us to arrange for an assessment of business risks facing your enterprise for a proposal on how to address them in an appropriate manner.