Enterprise Web Solution Services


MCH Corporation (MCH) participated in the design and development of the .Net based enterprise application framework that serves the 27 largest MLS systems in the United States and serves 600,000 Realtors every week.

The solution involved the implementation of ASPX web pages using C# and Microsoft .Net as well as:

Extending the .Net Membership Provider Architecture.

Extending the .Net Profile Provider Architecture.

The implementation of .Net based Web Services.

.Net Remoting and SOAP envelope encryption.

Use of nUnit Unit Testing and Test Plan Development.

Use of Subversion for Configuration Management.

The implementation of .Net based Windows Services.

The use of AJAX and extensive client side JavaScript.

The implementation of custom web controls.

The extensive use of SQL Server and its features.

The integration of Microsoft Enterprise Library Blocks.

The integration of RAD and Infragistics web controls.

The solution has been a tremendous success for First American MLS Solutions and has enabled them to maintain their preeminent position in the MLS systems industry.



First American Corporation


Knoxville, TN