Government Activity Support Services


ORSSAB is a federally appointed citizens’ panel that provides independent advice and recommendations to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Oak Ridge Office (ORO) on its Environmental Management (EM) Program in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The SSAB is staffed by public affairs and facilitation specialists who are knowledgeable and adept at project management, conducting administrative operations, and are armed with a broad variety of skills & expertise necessary to ensure its success.

The work of operating this activity involves:

Managing the membership of the program and recruiting and nominating new members.

Facilitating numerous meetings per month and recording the activity of the program in meeting minutes and extensive monthly reports.

Maintaining the program’s web site, publishing video production of its events, managing its finances, coordinating its activities with local stakeholders, ensuring regulatory compliance, managing member
and staff travel, production and publication of activity reports & presentations.

MCH developed a DOE Site Specific Security Plan for the project work area which was in proximity to a collection vault.

MCH Corporation is the prime contractor providing operational support to the ORSSAB.



U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge Office


Oak Ridge, TN


The board serves a critical role in advising DOE on EM program activities.

The center is operated by MCH.

All the activities of the board are facilitated by MCH.