Records Processing Services


PMCH Corporation was contracted by DOE OSTI to digitize five million (5,000,000) pages of scientific and technical information in the form of reports in a period of nine months.

The project involved the formulation of a new team to perform this project. No incumbent personnel were available to hire to perform this work. MCH did utilize a subcontractor to perform distinct portions of the work.

The quality and document formatting requirements were very challenging and we successfully completed the project and received an excellent evaluation in CPARS.

MCH brought scanning and computing equipment onsite and supplemented some government property that was provided to it for the project.

MCH Corporation operated a private local area network (LAN) that it set up, including wiring and switching, with storage and processing servers as well as computer workstations and other peripherals such as document scanners.

MCH developed a DOE Site Specific Security Plan for the project work area which was in proximity to a collection vault.

MCH Corporation was the prime contractor performing this contract in Oak Ridge, TN.



U.S. Department of Energy Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI)


Oak Ridge, TN


High security environment; no information contents could leave the project site.

The work area was staffed, operated, and managed by MCH Corporation.

The quantity of material processed was very large; at an extremely low cost.