Technical Library Support Services


At the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Phillips Research Site (PRS) Technical Library at Kirtland Air Force Base, MCH operates and provides physical and virtual scientific and technical library and information services that provide the installation’s military and civilian AFRL scientists, engineers, administrators, and staff; as well as its onsite AFRL contractors with access to open source materials in all formats.

MCH’s staff utilizes the Integrated Library System (ILS) administration; and content coordination of servers hosting the ILS and the Library web site. At the very outset of the contract in January 2010, MCH successfully handled the transition of the management of the Library from the former contractor to MCH with no loss of service to customers and with a customer service point of contact continuously maintained.

Information navigation at the PRS Technical Library is multifaceted activity whose main objective is to unite users with the information they need; helping them identify and access information whether it is held by the library or available in licensed databases, e‐journals; available through ILL, document delivery, or via the Internet. Successful information navigation brings customers back to the library over and over.

MCH Corporation is the prime contractor operating the Phillips Research Site (PRS) Technical Library.



U.S. Air Force Research Library – Kirtland Air Force Base


Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, NM


The library serves a vital role providing services to both military and civilian personnel as well as contractors.

The search for research materials is often mediated by a team of professional librarians working with special skills & knowledge of sources.

The library is operated by a team of MCH personnel.