Web Site Design Services


MCH worked interactively with staff at the Y12 Nuclear Security Complex to design and develop an Intranet site. This site was designed for the Performance Assurance Division to better convey critical information to other Y12 personnel.

The solution we developed involved new professionally designed graphics, the creation of informative and instructional content on operating procedures of the department and facility, and Flash presentations. Some of the technologies used in developing the site were:

a. Extensive HTML pages that are Section 508 Compliant.
b. Javascript to enhance the user interface.
c. Flash content to convey information to users without requiring users to navigate too many different pages.
d. The development of graphical, interactive flow charts for some of the pages and new departmental logos.
e. Pages were developed containing script to allow for communication between users and the department.
f. The site was implemented to meet ALL existing policies and requirements already established by the facility.

We have regularly received positive feedback from our clients for the web development services we provide and are frequently recognized for our unique and extensive capabilities in this area.



U.S. Department of Energy Oak Ridge Office


Oak Ridge, TN


The site has been recognized as the most professionally implemented and successful site at Y12.

The site successfully conveys large amounts of important information to its users in a clear and understandable manner.

The site was rapidly implemented by a team led by Dataspective and delivered on schedule and on budget.