Our team brings together many years of expertise in the development of solutions for our customers that give them a competitive advantage. MCH Corporation has a vast pool of knowledge and experience to draw on in architecting the most cost effective and efficient solutions to meet your requirements. This type of cross-disciplinary expertise distinguishes us from all other companies, allowing us to be one-stop providers of information technology based solutions to our customers.

Our capabilities include:

  • Web Application Security Assessments (WASA) — MCH’s most prominent capability is the expert ability to perform web application penetration testing and vulnerability assessments of web applications, REST APIs, and web services.
  • Secure Source Code Reviews and Static Analysis of Application Source Code (SAST) — MCH has the expertise to perform manual code reviews and to perform static analysis of source code using industry standard tools (Fortify, Fortify on Demand, SonarQube, SonarCloud, Veracode, or Checkmarx).
  • Custom Web Application and Website Development — One of MCH’s areas of expertise is developing web-based software applications and websites, including tools and extensions to facilitate monitoring, alert notification, testing, reporting, and automation.
  • Content Review, Curation, and Organization — MCH has experience reviewing content for completeness, appropriateness and accuracy, as well as collection management to include indexing, and metadata building.
  • Information Center and Technical Library Operation — MCH has experience operating both public information centers and technical libraries that support research and development programs for government agencies.
  • Systems Analysis and Design — MCH Corporation’s staff has a great deal of experience analyzing requirements and designing scalable, secure, and high-performance software applications.
  • Software Quality Assurance Testing — Our company is experienced at performing both system level testing, utilizing custom developed unit tests, and traditional software QA testing.
  • Data Conversion Application Development — MCH Corporation has worked on many data conversion applications for our customers. As a result, we have developed an extensive library of well tested software components that read and write data in numerous formats.
  • Portal Implementation and Customization — Our company has extensive experience implementing and extending Portals using both BEA Aqualogic(formerly Plumtree) and Microsoft SharePoint server software as well as developing SharePoint Webparts and Aqualogic compatible Portlets and Web Services.
  • GIS Application Development — MCH Corporation is experienced at developing applications using both ESRI, such as MapObjects and ArcMap Server, and non-ESRI software components. In addition, MCH Corporation has past experience developing custom components to render GIS data.
  • Custom Report Development — Our company has extensive experience developing custom reports using several different technologies including SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, SQL stored procedures and views, as well as custom programmed reports.
  • Systems Management — MCH Corporation has developed a wealth of service offerings in the area of network management, systems monitoring, and network security configuration and management.
  • Managed Services — Our company has the capability of hosting custom applications as well as web site hosting, Microsoft Exchange hosting, and Portal hosting.
  • System Reverse Engineering — MCH Corporation is very experienced at developing software components that read and write custom, proprietary, and/or binary data formats.
  • Project Assessments — Our company has experience performing technical reviews of software projects and presenting the results of such reviews.
  • Document Scanning Technologies — MCH has a wealth of expertise in providing document scanning services to its customers. These services are provided to law firms throughout the United States; both directly and through larger litigation support partner companies. To date, Dataspective has processed data for several hundred cases, which has made literally millions of pages of data available to its customers.
  • Litigation Support — In addition to document scanning, OCR processing, Bates numbering and custom data conversions, Dataspective, an MCH Corporation division, provides support for clients using Concordance, LiveNote, Summation, IProView, and other litigation related software programs. Additionally, Dataspective has developed custom software solutions integrated with those products.
  • OCR Processing Technologies — After watching customers suffer for years with low quality OCR output produced by service bureaus with antiquated OCR software, Dataspective, an MCH Corporation division, developed clustering technology to allow it to continually use the latest OCR software technology from Adobe, in an environment that has been scaled to process more than a million pages a day in our data center.